What is a Bra Rash?

I have come to realize that my red skin rash may not just be something I ate or had a reaction to. Over the past 6 months, I have had what is called yeast rash. This is caused by moisture in areas where your skin can be rubbed from clothing. Your skin will become red, itchy, bumpy, sore and in some cases even break open into sores. I learned my Fibro and RA hot flashes are the culprit. It causes the band from my bra to get damp hence leaving a very sore and sometimes painful rash.

Do not take the bra off.

When I was younger, my sister used to get so mad because the first thing I would do when I got home was take off my shoes and then my bra. She always said I would regret it when my boobs would be touching the ground! 50 + years later they still have not stretched quite that far.

 What makes us think that we need to wear bras?

  1. It makes our clothes look better
  2. Better tone and support
  3. Feel better about themselves
  4. Exercise, running, walking without bounce

Now I know that I do not have extremely large breast, but I do think the above reasons are valid.


Does Size Matter?

I have friends with the DDD sizes. They spend big bucks on bras that help give them better support. Some have ended up having shoulder and back surgery caused by the weight of their breast. Others have had them surgically reduced. All painful procedures.

So What helps the Rash?

I discovered that using the Monistat cream helps to control the rash. It can at times go completely away for a couple of days. But the best thing is to just go without my bra. Now that being said, in the corporate world, it doesn’t look very professional to come into the office without one. I suppose you could use the pasties, so the nipples do not show. I have not tried them. I must admit I would be nervous, feel conspicuous and keep my arms crossed every time someone walked by. But that is just me and my memories from my sis.

Different Types.

There are several types in today’s market. I have not yet to find one that is not going to give me the severe rash. I hate the underwire. Not sure who the sadistic person was that came up with that brilliant idea. Bet they never wore a bra! Then there are the ones with the super thin straps, you know the ones that are supposed to look great with tank tops. The straps become little razor blades cutting into your shoulders! Or they twist into a Slinky that can never be untwisted! GRRRR.

I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t look like the “angles” do in theirs. But then no one has ever asked if they could pay me to wear one. Guess it is all in the eye of the beholder.

Basic White.

At least they have come along way from the basic white. I remember my older sisters having some in the 1950s – 1060s that looked like if you got too close you would get poked. Now you can choose any color, style, laces (which usually itches no matter how much softener you use to wash them!) Hook and eye closure, stick on, snap in front, no snap just pull-over your head. Which works great if you are a size 2. I got into a real wrestling match, not pretty. Ended up cutting it off. I still seem to be stuck with the traditional style.

What should a girl do?

Take off the bra. GET RID OF THE DAMN THING. Enjoy life! Better to be hanging loose than to have rug burns under your clothes!! Don’t let society dictate what you should wear to feel comfortable in. I really should listen to my own advice. It still is the first thing to come off when I arrive home.

Best Bras for Fibromyalgia suffers.

My personal preference is ones with wide straps, great back support, and soft cups. That may or may not work for you. I have found that sometimes cheaper is better. Not always are the more expensive brands better in the support or strap areas. Be sure that you have a proper fit.  Most department stores like Macey’s, Nordstroms still have clerks who can help you find the correct bra. I continue to go back to the Playtex 18 hour. It holds up great, no underwires, and good support. Check it out below.

Return to product information  Playtex 18 hour bra

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