You have heard it all. Get healthy.  Everyone has an opinion on what you should do, can do or at least why you feel the way you do. Little do they know or understand that your daily routine is anything but routine.

You get up hurting. Go to work hurting. Come home hurting and the next day repeat. You wonder is it ever going to get any better? Are you ever going to be healthy?

Doctor Visits

You go to your general physician. They listen and really do try their best to understand. They recommend tests. Results come back for a gamut of different causes. Try different types of medications. But nothing really seems to work for a very long time.

Finally, you get to see a specialist. They look at the test results, ask questions and make the best guess decision. For me, it turns out I have RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and Fibromyalgia.

Nineteen Years Later

Like most of you, it has been a three-ring circus. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I have had wonderful doctors who really did and do give a damn. But the problem is that all they seem to be able to do is change my meds, give me more Physical Therapy and hope for the best outcome.

My last Doctor’s visit was 4 months ago. The pain had increased to a new level. She told me to go back to Physical Therapy. Added Gabapentin 3 times a day and if this did not work she would have to prescribe Lyrica.

After three weeks, here is what I discovered.  The Gabapentin only made me dizzy, have blurred vision and did nothing for the pain.

Next option was to find out about Lyrica.  That was a real eye-opener. I did not make it through all the side effects it has, nor did I really want to read more! But the real shocker came when I found out the price.

For just the regular dosage, a one month supply would cost me over $400.00!!!! That was with my insurance coverage.

I am retired and live on a modest income. This was way over my budget. What to do next?

Hello CBD Oil

Visiting with my Physical Therapist and my Physician, I decided it was time to take a look outside of the box.

I had heard about the use of CBD oil but never really understood it or the effects.  Like most people my age, I just assumed that it got people high and that is why the pain went away, plus thought that it was illegal. Spending my free time researching, I discovered that I was way off base in my thinking.

Because many of you already know or have read about CBD, I am not going to go into all of the facts.


Because my state has made Marijuana legal with a medical card, it was easy to find a place to purchase the oil. Somehow though it still felt awkward to walk into a Cannabis shop.  Once inside, I had to chuckle.

On the right of the counter were several younger people getting their medical cards out and making their purchases. They picked from over thirty (or more) types.

When you looked at the other end of the counter were the retired clients. I was not alone. The main decision for us was what size and how much to take!

Four weeks later. Healthy Benefits.

Here I am four weeks later and I can tell you  CBD oil was well worth my time.  While not all of my aches and pains have totally gone away, the majority have. The rest are way more tolerable and I can get a good nights sleep. Healthy benefits? You bet!!

My physician was so impressed with my progress, she suggested I start to decrease the amount of my anti-inflammatory medication. She believes that the CBD oil will continue to help the inflammation without the stomach problems the prescription can cause with long-term use.

The cost for me to get started was a whopping $40.00!  Plus I have not noticed any side effects. A far cry from the $400 with free side effects.

UPDATE August 4, 2018

I have been on the oil and am seeing may great benefits. My hands and fingers are not hurting as bad. Especially my thumbs where I was going to have surgery. My skin is not as dry and my mood is much better.  The RA in my knees has settled down some. Not completely gone but a lot better.  I tripped an sprained my ankle last week.  Altho it is multi-colored and still a little swollen, I have had very little pain. The ER doctor offered me pain pills. I told him I was going to give my oil a try first.  So far have only taken one aspirin in over a week.


The health benefits of using CBD oil is worth giving it a month trial. This was something that obviously works well for me. I did not give up my regular meds while experimenting with the CBD and not sure if I will get rid of them. Nor am I saying that anyone should do this without consulting their Physician.

But you may want to do your own research before you make the decision to try the oil. Just be sure that whatever brand you purchase is pure, has a third party testing results and comes from a reputable country like USA or Canada.  Other countries use pesticides on their plants which can be harmful to your system.


Hugs to you all


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