Can Fibromyalgia and the Workplace work for you?


You finally land the perfect job, Only to find out because you have fibromyalgia you cannot concentrate. You spend time trying to follow through only to cause more stress, more pain, and brain fog. You know you have asked the same question more than once. No one understands the confusion, helplessness, and anxiety caused from not being able to perform like you think you should.

Here are some suggestions that have helped me.

1. Talk to you supervisor. I actually found out that mine had no idea what Fibro is. We were able to take my hours and break them up into shorter work periods, gave me the privilege to say no to a certain task and helped her understand why I ask so many questions.

2. Take regular breaks. Only 10 minutes 2x’s a day can be a BIG game changer. Go stand outside, take some deep breaths, stretch you, neck, roll your shoulder or whatever feels good to you. It is proven that even a few minutes of stretching and exercising is way better than no minutes at all. It also helps with hunger. You may even lose a little weight.

3. Break it up. If you have several tasks and cannot concentrate on the one at hand, switch to another. If you can spread out your work, do so. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor will you office/workplace fall apart if you change things up. You will be lesser distracted and able to see things better if you can switch things up.

4. Drink plenty of water. I am not a big water drinker. But I have discovered that I enjoy is sparkling water. This has helped keep me hydrated during the day and help with my energy. You can also put fresh fruit and veggies in some cool water for a refreshing taste. It is low cost, no carbs or artificial flavorings.

5. Have you Physical Therapist come to check out your workstation. This was a BIGGY for me. My does it at no extra charge. She came, showed me how to rearrange my monitor, desk, and phone so that I am not stressing my neck and shoulders. She also analyzed my body position, if I needed a footstool or other helpful add-ons.  If you PT can’t come to you, you can take pictures on your phone to share with them at your next appointment. You can then discuss what/how you need to changes you space.

Take this to heart.

I have suffered from Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 25 years. I have always worked full time but have had many jobs. Everything from office assistant to a school bus driver. It wasn’t until the past few years did I realize how much these diseases affected me at work.


Please know that I understand how hard it can be to approach others about you hurting and pain. But I am a much better person for doing so. We must enlighten those we work with for them to understand the why’s. I am not saying that all of my workplaces or co-workers have understood. Most have not. But I can tell you, of the ones who have, I have worked the longest and enjoyed the work the most.

What you need to do next.

Write out a plan of action. Keep track of your daily routines. If possible, Change things up. Read and study about your disease. Click Here NOW to get your free cheat sheet to help you make your workspace Fibro safe.


I am in my 60’s and still working part-time.  I have been in this same position for over 6 years and love it. Now I know not all can work part-time, but being able to know that my Doctor, Physical Therapist, and my supervisor are all on board has made a HUGE difference.

I must tell you that the number one reason I have made it here for so long is my belief in Jesus Christ.  I give him all the glory for finding me a job that fits my needs and allows me to have the freedom to do my work with the least amount of pain or suffering.  I believe he has allowed me to have trials to learn and grow from.

No, I still have pain every day. I call my days, good pain days, bad pain days but never no pain days.  This gives me the ability to reach out to others with the understanding that someone has been in their situations.

I want to hear from you!

I would love to hear how you are taking action to help yourself. Not only at work but during your regular daily activities. Please sign up for my emails and share this on social media.  Together we can support each other.


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